[Gta04-owner] BMA180 interrupts & polling interval

Klaus-Hendrik Wolf wolflisten at umi.cs.tu-bs.de
Thu Jun 13 11:11:43 CEST 2013

Hi Lukas,

if you take a look at the datasheet of the sensor, you will find that 
its bandwidth is limited to 1200Hz ([1] section 7.7.2).


   Klaus Hendrik

[1] http://www.spezial.cz/pdf/BST-BMA180-DS000-03.pdf

Am 12.06.2013 14:11, schrieb Lukas Märdian:
> Hi!
> I'm currently trying to trigger an event on several GTA04s at once
> (microsecond range), using the BMA180 accelerometer.
> It seems that the bma150 driver, which is used, can choose between an
> "Interrupt-Mode" and a "Polling-Mode" [0]. By default the "Polling-Mode"
> is used, but the drivers minimum polling interval is 1 millisecond,
> which is too big for my use case. I'd need a 1 usec or at least 10 usec
> polling interval.
> Can anybody tell, who I can switch the bma150 driver into
> "Interrupt-Mode", to e.g. listen to the "High-G" or "Low-G" interrupts
> (from userspace)? Or how I can lower the polling interval in the driver?
> Or do you have any other idea how it could be possible to trigger an
> event (e.g. call a function) at the very same time (microsecond range)
> on several GTA04s, without using any networking capabilities?
> Regards,
>    Lukas
> [0]
> http://lxr.free-electrons.com/source/drivers/input/misc/bma150.c?v=3.7#L583
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