[Gta04-owner] First hw-validation release with Wheezy armhf 3.7

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Tue Jun 11 09:58:02 CEST 2013

finally, I have released the first hw-validation image with
a 3.7 kernel and armhf-Wheezy. The target is to have a feature
complete kernel (incl. all sensors, all drivers, GPU, Camera,
hw-voice-routing etc.) and some minimal GUI so that the
/root/hw-test script can find out the health of all components.

Many things had to be changed - starting from how wheezy
can handle the touch screen (xorg-tslib is broken) to minor
or major differences in configuration or package dependencies.
And the kernel and some drivers also did need fixes.

It also needed a lot of debugging and understanding package
dependencies to get the system small enough that it still fits
into 512 MB NAND flash.

New features are (plus some more):
* Wheezy / armhf
* improved dejitter in touch driver so that it can be used with evdev
* X11 configured to use evdev touch (instead of tslib)
* PowerVR/SGX drivers
* Camera driver and demo included (sgxa and vga resolutions)
* hw-routing patch for voice included
* MPURATE bootargs disabled (conflicts with automatic CPU speed
   control resulting in strange and unpredictable kernel issues)

There are still some issues I want to work on (help and patches
are always welcome!):

* Symptom: the screen turns white instead of black after a while.
  It appears that the display backlight is no longer being turned off when
  DSS (or Xorg?) calls td028ttec1_panel_suspend() 
* is it possible to switch operation speed to 1 GHz with DM3730CBP100?
* ITG3200 (Gyroscope) not working properly
* TVout is missing (in the board configuration)
* LXDE has lost the background image :(
* LXDE isn't configured well (but it is possible to open Keyboard + Run
and type 'poweroff')

You can download the new release here:


There is either the traditional 'makesd' script that partitions and formats
the SD card and then wgets and unpacks all required files.

Or you can download the new 'sd-image.dd.bz2' image, uncompress and
copy it to the main mount point of a SD card (at least 1 GByte). This automatically
creates the two partitions but limits the useable SD card size to 1 GByte (even
if you have a 32 GByte card...).

If you want to, you can also upgrade your flash image (UBIFS) by running
this command:


If anything goes wrong please downgrade back to


You can also fetch a minimalistic but preconfigured rootfs (without X11 and
GUI) from here:


And you can even use the /root/bootstrap script to create your own initial rootfs
on the GTA04 device. This would also allow to downgrade to Squeeze or use
armel or try to upgrade to Jessie...

Please report issues through the bug trackers:


I still hope that we get growing interest for the planned GTA04A5 boards so that
one day we can ship the first "Debian Smartphone" that comes with Wheezy
and 3.7 kernel preinstalled...

-- hns

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