[Gta04-owner] Camera scaling down to VGA

Andreas Kemnade andreas at kemnade.info
Sun Jun 9 00:35:36 CEST 2013

On Sat, 2013-06-08 at 17:13 -0400, Benjamin Deering wrote: 
> > Do you use the preview pad here? With the  CCDC->resizer->output
> > pipeline, i get no picture. Is it for some
> > CCDC->previewer->resizer->output pipeline?
> >
> > again, swapuv is wrong!
> yes, swapuv is wrong, I grabbed that from an email that predates your 
> patch.  I have not yet gotten a picture through the preview pad.
> media-ctl -r
> media-ctl -v -l '"ov9655 2-0030":0->"OMAP3 ISP CCDC":0[1]'
> media-ctl -v -l '"OMAP3 ISP CCDC":1->"OMAP3 ISP resizer":0[1]'
> media-ctl -v -l '"OMAP3 ISP resizer":1->"OMAP3 ISP resizer output":0[1]'
> media-ctl -v -V '"ov9655 2-0030":0 [UYVY2X8 1280x1024]'
> media-ctl -v -V '"OMAP3 ISP CCDC":1 [UYVY2X8 1280x1024]'
> media-ctl -v -V '"OMAP3 ISP resizer":0 [UYVY 1280x1024]'
> media-ctl -v -V '"OMAP3 ISP resizer":1 [UYVY 640x475]'
> mplayer -v tv:// -vf rotate=2 -tv driver=v4l2:device=$(media-ctl -e "OMAP3 ISP resizer output"):outfmt=uyvy:width=640:height=475 -vo x11
> These lines work for me (give a picture), but I was wrong about the sync, it does lose sync.
I just tried the full vga resolution (640x480) with mencoder -ovc copy
-o /some_tmpfs/raw.avi , and i had sync (one drop in the first few
frames but then stable). So the cropping and sync seems to be two
different stories.

> Maybe with your patch the preview pad will work?  The preview pad also crops lines, and it will not work right if the number of lines is wrong.  I wonder if previously we were not getting the color space we asked for due to registers not being set?  I should be able to spend time on this in the next couple days.
That was the reason why i started to search because i found out that
some registers were not set despite being in the list. One of them was
for UVYV. media-ctl -p seems to know something about preview pad
But now we have a lot of registers to play with. 

Andreas Kemnade

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