[Gta04-owner] gta04 hardware revision -- how to check?

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Thu Jan 17 18:17:00 CET 2013

Hi Orest,

Am 17.01.2013 um 17:59 schrieb Orest Tarasiuk:

> Hi!
> Just a short question: does anyone know a quick way to check the hardware revision of a gta04?

Short question usually lead to long answers :)

The easiest way is to directly look at the board.

It is intentionally not made easy to directly read the hardware version... Because it is too
tempting to base user space code on that.

The better solution is to base user space code on existence of features, i.e. the
hw-revision is hidden by the kernel and indirectly shown.

And, there may be board revisions with different components installed/not installed.
They all have the same revision code. So it is more a PCB layout version code which
indicates different wiring options. Not necessarily what the board has or does not
have installed.

I am not sure which kernel you use, but the set of GPIOs presented in /sys differs
between A3 and A4. Especially the one to control the UMTS modem.

That said, there is code in the hw-validation kernel that prints the board version
to the initial lines of dmesg. So you can boot and then just dmesg | more.


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