[Gta04-owner] Can't boot QtMoko or SHR with current makesd script

Neil Jerram neil at ossau.homelinux.net
Sat Feb 23 00:59:34 CET 2013

"e.waelde" <ew.ng7125 at nassur.net> writes:

> Hi Neil,

Hi Erich,

> I just found some notes on this. It didn't boot in my first
> attempts, too. However, it started working for me when
> going to ext_2_ filesystem --- maybe the kernel/initrd is
> not equipped for ext3. Does this change anything?

Yes, indeed.  Now I see a touchscreen calibration screen; so certainly
the SHR kernel and rootfs are now booting.  Thank you!

However, after the touchscreen calibration, I see an oversized dialog
about Enlightenment having crashed, and behind that a settings panel
that allows loading or unloading Enlightenment modules.

I don't see:
- the Illume(2) UI that I'm expecting
- the SHR first run wizard
- anything that allows me to set scale factor 2 as recommended at

Do you know how I can make further progress?


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