[Gta04-owner] 3.7-kernel: poweroff?

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Fri Feb 22 02:01:51 CET 2013

On Thu, 21 Feb 2013 14:06:17 +0100 "Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller"
<hns at goldelico.com> wrote:

> Hi Neil,
> I am not sure if I have broken something or if it is not implemented, but I found that "poweroff" does not power off... the console prints "Halt" and the red power LED remains on.
> I remember that I had a patch for the hw-validation kernel because the default implementation of Linux just ends in a loop but does not notify the TPS65950.

Works for me...

I use "poweroff -f" because I don't trust the shutdown scripts, and I don't
really care about running them. 
    poweroff -f
just calls sync() and then the 'reboot' system call with flags to say 'power

Console reports:
[  365.998046] Power down.

and all the LEDs (which it had turned on with
   for i in /sys/class/leds/*/trigger; do echo default-on > $i; done
) turned off.

This is enabled by code in drivers/mfd/twl4030-power.c, particularly:
		pm_power_off = twl4030_power_off;
which sets the power-off handler.
This is in mainline since commit 26cc3ab984cd00e95cb58ba5aaea4238ea56c700
which was in linux-3.3.

So I suggest testing if "poweroff -f" works.  If it does, then examine your
init scripts.  If it doesn't, then check if "twl4030_power_off" is getting

I just tried "poweroff" (no flags) on my (Debian) phone and it does work.
It goes through
[ ok ] Unmounting temporary filesystems...done.
[ ok ] Deactivating swap...done.
[ ok ] Unmounting local filesystems...done.
[info] Will now halt.

and then
[  115.671386] Power down.

and power is indeed down.

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