[Gta04-owner] MMCX connector

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Tue Feb 19 10:59:29 CET 2013

Am 19.02.2013 um 10:47 schrieb Sven Dyroff:

> Hello Nikolaus, 
> one more suggestion for improvements that should be made on the GTA04A5: Please make the solder contacts of the MMCX connector more stable! Currently I can confirm that it's indeed very easy to break them...   :-( 

If you know a manufacturer of such a connector that has the right height above the PCB and is surface mountable... The one we use was the best and only one we could get hands on.

> Am I right that it's hardly possible to reconnect an MMCX socket that has lost its connections to the board? 

Well, it is possible. But needs a good microscope, a very thin wire, a very calm hand and a lot of patience...

> Another question on external antenna: 
> I see that "cat /sys/class/regulator/regulator.8/microvolts" shows 2.8V but I cannot find gpio144 and gpio145 any more within "/sys/devices/virtual/gpio". It's also not possible to get them within "/sys/class/gpio". Where have these both gpios been moved to? 

I was also wondering recently. I think they are missing in the 3.x kernels.


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