[Gta04-owner] qtmoko-navit: Gui blocks in town search in binfile maps.

Stefan Wildemann stefan.wildemann at metalstrolche.de
Mon Feb 18 13:54:49 CET 2013

Hi together,

I recently upgraded my device to v52 armhf version of qtmoko, finding 
that qtmoko-navit is no longer usable because it "hangs" during town 
search gui. Same applies to all versions since the qt upgrade, I think. 
Did not update for quite a time.

It seems that navit internal gui keyboard doesn't interrupt the town 
search algorithm. Next letter gets visible once search algorithm has 
stopped running. This can take quite a long time of course. This must 
have something to do with QT event system. I double checked (and somwhow 
workarounded) my binfile  by building stock navit (from SVN) on vanilla 
debian-armhf against stock libsdl which runs fine if replaced by 
qtmoko-libsdl with some tricks. Unfortunately this doesn't behave nicely 
with qtopia windowmanager.

Steps to reproduce:
- install qtmoko-navit.
- Download reasonable big binfile map. E.g. "Germany" from navit planet 
extractor (http://maps9.navit-project.org/)
- point navit to this file in otherwise stock navit.xml file
- Run navit and try to search e.G. for "Kassel" in Germany.

Note it doesn't hang forever after entering the "k". After having found 
and sorted all German cities with "K" it returns back to gui.

Can somebody on the list confirm this?

Thank you,

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