[Gta04-owner] stop boot attempts with flat battery while charging

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Sat Feb 16 19:42:39 CET 2013

after only a fortnight on the shelf with a full battery, battery was flat  
again (new one, came with my GTA04 order).
i put it on externbal charger and as expected, aftera while it attempted  
to boot -- from SD, which fails sooner or later in the process.
i have my doubt about the healthiness of this constantly failing access to  
the SD card -- after all, it amounts to probably more than 10 attempts, if  
not more until at least sufficient charge is available.
and every attempt apprently drains the battery again a bit.

the only way so far has been to keep the AUX button pressed several  
minutes until the next boot is attempted (since there's no chance to  
actually see when it will happen), then switch to NAND which apparently  
needs much less power and thus succeeds.

- is there a way/are there plans to implement a way to prevent booting  
unless a level of power is reached that actually allows a complete boot?
- is it possible/planned to somehow prevent booting at all when on  
charger? that is, booting absolutely and only when pushing the PWR button?

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