[Gta04-owner] uptime of rtc (unusual usage pattern)

Gennady.Kupava gb at bsdmn.com
Mon Feb 11 12:51:23 CET 2013

В Пнд, 11/02/2013 в 10:59 +0100, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller пишет:
> Am 09.02.2013 um 18:44 schrieb e.waelde:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > after talking briefly to someone at the FOSDEM stand, it
> > was suggested to raise this here.
> > 
> > Q: How long is the onboard RTC supposed to run, when the
> > battery is removed from the GTA04?
> only as long as you need to swap batteries.
> The GTA01 and GTA02 did have its own 10mAh LiIon
> battery cell and that did last much longer than the Supercap
> we have in the GTA04.
> So you may ask why we did change it? The reason is that
> such batteries are no longer produced because it is too
> difficult to get them as production reels into air freight
> (LiIon is potentially dangerous as you can see with the
> Dreamliner).

For some reason this backup accumulators were dead after few months in
so many freerunners. So for example I had to solder capacitor instead.

Who knows, were batteries broken or not, but my guess is that GTA04
users are lucky that they have an capacitor, as this seems significantly
more reliable.


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