[Gta04-owner] Print GTA04 case on reprap?

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Thu Feb 7 11:34:51 CET 2013

anyone with reprap would like to try print Vladimir's ALU case model on 
reprap? It should have thick walls as oposite to original GTA02 case and i 
think that the tolerances and acurracy are not so critical.

So if you have reprap and would like to try you can download the cad files:


and print it and share results. The cad files are in .igs format, which IIRC 
can be opened in FreeCAD and converted to .stl

We are looking forward the results. Vladimir said that he can improve the cad 
files so that they are more suitable for 3D priting if needed.

Good luck

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