[Gta04-owner] bq27000-battery: battery is not calibrated! ignoring capacity values

EdorFaus edorfaus at xepher.net
Sun Feb 3 22:52:34 CET 2013

On 02/03/2013 06:39 PM, Bob Ham wrote:
> At the end of the day, the battery interface isn't working properly in
> some undefined states.  Irrespective of any UI problems or kernel
> errors, in these states there is no information about how much charge
> the battery contains.  That makes using the phone impractical; without
> such information one has to judge whether the phone should be put on
> charge based on guesswork, or just have it on charge all the time.  Both
> of these modes of operation are problematic.

This reminds me of an issue I've been meaning to bring up, that annoys 
me sometimes.

When resuming the phone from suspend (e.g. with the power button), it 
usually takes longer for the phone to update the battery charge 
indicator than it takes for it to go back to sleep (since it's locked).

This makes it very hard to quickly check how much charge is left in the 

The problem doesn't seem to be updating the top bar, since the clock is 
updated immediately - like I think the battery level indicator should be.

I don't know where the problem is, or how/if it can be fixed, and 
haven't actually started looking into it much, but figured I'd throw it 
out there since we're talking about related things anyway.

Frode Austvik

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