[Gta04-owner] GTA04 in GTA01 case and LEDs

Christ van Willegen cvwillegen at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 14:54:11 CET 2013


I was at Fosdem, and met Nikolaus Schaller, Boudewijn and Christoph
Mair IRL. That was a lot of fun talking to them, and discussing the
OpenPhoenux future!

I also asked Niklaus to take a look at my LEDs, since I never saw any
light coming from them. He attached a cable, connected the phone to
his laptop and proceeded to turn on the LEDs by adjusting the
brightness. No light... Another LED, still nothing, a third? Nope...

Then another light came on, inside his head. The GTA01 never had any
LEDs in the case, so the buttons are not transparent!

Later, we saw some light reflected through holes in the inner cover
(after taking off the battery cover).

So, that gives an interesting problem... Stereo sound, but no LEDs, or
mono sound, with LEDs...

Nikolaus advised me to contact Pulster, to see if he has replacement buttons.

Another thought that came to me, is that a friend of mine works at a
store for hearing aids, and he has lots of experience making tiny
holes into devices made of plastic... I'll ask him tonight if he might
be able to make some in the power and AUX button, so that the light
can shine out!

Christ van Willegen

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