[Gta04-owner] ANN: first replicant 4 with 3.12 kernel available

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Sun Dec 15 18:24:50 CET 2013

Am 15.12.2013 um 18:10 schrieb Alexander Rumyantsev:

> Hello
>> Hm. What is missing? A bigger HDD or memory key? For me the git kernel
>> tree needs approx.. 6.5 GByte.
> Compare with ~150MB for tarball. Especially it need only temporary.

Yes, tar is smaller, but much less convenient to work with.

The 6.5 GB contain all versions and variants (branches) in a single repo.
I.e. you don't have multiple of them. And comparing two of them is easily done without any unpacking before doing something.
BTW: on a 500 GB disk this kernel source eats only a little more than 1%.

I also need the kernel trees only temporarily. But compressing and stowing away. and after e.g. 2 months getting it back and uncompressing is much work I can save by just letting the 6.5 GB sitting around somewhere...

>> You just
>> say "copied from your repo some times ago", so you more or less ask us to guess which version you did start
>> from. Even if we guess right, we only get a big set of diffs, without a commit message describing what has been
>> changed by whom and when and why. This is almost useless for basing further work on it (e.g. getting
>> it accepted by kernel.org or others).
> Moreover in diff file I show which stage of your repo I use and ( I hope ) it is current stage.
> Best regards, Alexandre


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