[Gta04-owner] Getcal application is available to get your online calendars

Adrien Dorsaz adrien at adorsaz.ch
Wed Dec 4 11:32:11 CET 2013


There's already a new release, v1.5, to fix a bug which avoid you to
type a '/' in server url.

Another little fix is to not display a progress bar if no configuration
has been made.

Now, the URL to download packages is here (for armel and armhf) :

(I didn't remark before that this redmine tool make automatically
md5sums and is able to use release version number)

Best regards,

PS: if you want to create your own .deb package, simply clone my git
repository in your QtMoko sdk (or add it as a new submodule), fetch the
'master' and 'debian'  branches, checkout the 'debian' one and run

Le vendredi 29 novembre 2013 à 18:54 +0100, Adrien Dorsaz a écrit :
> Hello!
> I'm proud to announce you I finally get back my GTA04 with a working USB
> port and I was able to package Getcal for QtMoko.
> Getcal [0] is a GUI for ics2qtcal [1] to fetch your online calendars. Itre'
> can save settings for several servers and calendars, fetch the calendars
> and fill the QtMoko calendar with them. As ics2qtcal can't synchronize
> calendars, Getcal can't too.
> First, you'll need to install ics2qtcal [2] and its dependencies (it
> depends on some PERL libraries), then you can install Getcal [3].
> It was tested on GTA04, but it should work on GTA02 too.
> The only thing I wasn't able to make is to set the getcal icon to the
> application.
> Hope that it will help you use QtMoko every day ;)
> Adrien Dorsaz
> [0] : https://projects.adorsaz.ch/projects/getcal_
> [1] : https://projects.adorsaz.ch/projects/ics2qtcal_
> [2] : https://projects.adorsaz.ch/projects/ics2qtcal_/files
> [3] : https://projects.adorsaz.ch/projects/getcal_/documents
> (you can find also code on github/Trim)
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