[Gta04-owner] initrd proposal for low battery boot

Andreas Kemnade andreas at kemnade.info
Mon Dec 2 07:41:37 CET 2013


here is my proposal for an initrd script for low battery boot.
It waits with boot until battery voltage is over 3.45 V,
switches the charging to linear charging while doing that.
In automatic charging the charger limits the usb current
(not the charging current!) to 100mA if the battery voltage is below
some certain level (if it is even lower, the device turns off automatically)

The result is that I never had any boot failures after the kernel starts due to
low battery while the charger is attached.
I put it into an initrd so there are no delays because of log-replaying on
the rootfs.
It works with the klibc environment and excepts fb0 and the rootdevice available in /dev.


fb background set quickhack:

it can be compiled using klcc -o fillfb killfb.c
so that it uses the klibc (which is used in initramfs environments)

Andreas Kemnade
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