[Gta04-owner] Connection is bad, e. g. compared to GTA02 (Solved)

ma_pri_2004 at yahoo.de ma_pri_2004 at yahoo.de
Wed Aug 7 22:15:06 CEST 2013


in case someone else experienced the same issue:
There were 2 provider choosable which were "o2 - de (gsm)" and "o2 - de
(g3)". The g3 entry was set.
In QtMoko v55 in Home --> Settings --> Call Networks was written for
technology "GSM".
I thought I had a bad connection, and because of that "o2 - de (g3)" set
it to gsm. This was not the case.

When I set the search mode to manual and then chose "o2 - de (gsm)", the
g3 entry vanished (and was not choosable any more) and I was not able to
get it again (and the search mode is now always "automatic").
Luckily now the connection is now as good as in the GTA02.


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