[Gta04-owner] WiFi failure?

Gerhard Rieger freerunner at dest-unreach.org
Thu Apr 18 20:33:37 CEST 2013


I upgraded my Openmoko to gta04 a few weeks ago. Now I am stuck with
WiFi: the first hw-list run reported tests 40 W2CBW003-BT-Scan and 45
W2CBW003-WLAN-Scan  nok, however I thought this might have to do with
missing peers or so.

Then, in QtMoko, I succeeded to scan for APs and to connect to my home
WLAN - but only once! Since then, all my attempts to repeat this or to
scan from HW validation image failed. Now I am afraid that my hardware

Symptoms: in QtMoko v55 when powering on WiFi and scanning the texts
"Wireless networks..." and "Searching for wireless networks:" keep
blinking, only an old list of APs is displayed. The libertas_sdio and
libertas modules are loaded, the wlan0 interface exists, setting it UP
with ifconfig or ip does not help.

HW-validation image behaves similar, modules are loaded, interface
wlan42 exists after running ~/wlan. However I cannot not make it scan
successfully (empty result list after 2s). Nothing in kernel logs.

Please help!

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