[Gta04-owner] Almost bought a spyPhone?

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Wed Apr 17 21:33:56 CEST 2013

El día Wednesday, April 17, 2013 a las 11:26:14AM +0200, Sven Dyroff escribió:

> You'll find CCC's paper here (German):
> www.ccc.de/system/uploads/76/original/staatstrojaner-report23.pdf
> Reading it - perhaps with the help of some translator - strongly 
> recommended. Especially page 8: The list of the malware-RFCs.
> And then it might help to start asking the question: What's the interest 
> of a government that grabs to such instruments?

Fortunately, the so called spy-ware "Bundestrojaner" (Governmental Trojan
Horse) only works on 32bit Win-shit and I do not think that these guys
can write and deploy something similar for Linux or even for FreeBSD :-)

but who knows...

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