[Gta04-owner] Almost bought a spyPhone?

Sven Dyroff S.Dyroff at phytec.de
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I strongly suggest not only to value privacy! The problem is by far 

Short introduction:
In Germany some time ago there was a big excitement when Chaos Computer 
Club (CCC) published an expertise about the so called "Bundestrojaner" - a 
virus created and released by our government. All of our big media 
reported at great length about this massif spy-attac against privacy. But 
none of them published the information, what further malfunctions had been 
included within this virus:

- Putting data onto your computer that you never wanted to have there.
- Deleting data from your computer.
- Putting arbitrary executables onto your computer and start them.
- Manipulating/Disturbing communication between you and and your computer.
- Crashing your system by simple remote call.

You'll find CCC's paper here (German):

Reading it - perhaps with the help of some translator - strongly 
recommended. Especially page 8: The list of the malware-RFCs.

And then it might help to start asking the question: What's the interest 
of a government that grabs to such instruments?

Best regards

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If someone could hack together from the information posted in this thread 
a checklist to award some kind of "privacy approved hardware" labels, I 
think that would be awesome.

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