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Sven Dyroff S.Dyroff at phytec.de
Thu Apr 4 12:43:43 CEST 2013

Hello Nikolaus,

> I have though a long time about a role kickstarter could play, and here 
are some of my insights:
> * kickstarter is sometimes seen to be "the solution" of financing 
problems of open source projects
> * kickstarter is just a shop frontend - you offer an existing or planned 
product and people buy something; even for the risk to get nothing
> * a product must appeal to the broad public or it will fail
> * kickstarter does not do the marketing (convincing people that they 
need your product) for you - you still have to direct them to kickstarter 
and tell a consistent story there
> * kickstarter is US centric

I don't think that it must be kickstarter. IIRC long time ago there's been 
a longly discussion within this list about all the different offers within 
the net for collecting money.

> * what is the difference to our own shop where people can buy or make 
donations if they prefer to support the project?

Your shop is not known by a wider amount of people. So there's the barrier 
of having thoroughly checking out if it's really trustworthy or if it's a 
dark hole in the net.

> I think this is a slight misunderstanding of the role of GDC. It is not 
the intention to sell the device by some fancy "homepage" to
> the masses and handle all the service and return requests because people 
don't understand how to insert the battery.

OK, I forgot that Pulster is already doing this. Sorry!

> E.g. Pulster did add a SD card wit QtMoko preinstalled. Then you just 
put in your SIM and battery, switch on and it works.

Did Pulster sale more GTA04s than GD, due to this concept?

> IMHO the real stumbling blocks are devices like this: 
> It fulfills all the requirements: switch on and make phone calls + being 
able to modify (almost) everything. At a (subsidized) low price.
> So what is our argument to convince the Non-Openmoko-experienced people 
to get an OpenPhoenux device instead of that one?

It's made by community and enthusiasts, not by a greedy concern.

> * we were not even able to convince free and open enthusiasts during 
FOSDEM - there were approx. 3 or 5 new subscriptions
>   to this list and no orders - so how should we be better to convince 
the broad public by placing it on kickstarter?

Ooops! I didn't realize that situation is such worse. Up to now I 
understood that it's mainly a question of the price, not of the idea.

> Specific proposals for improvement of the homepage?

Perhaps you can copy and paste some ideas from Pulster without loosing you 
Dr.?  ;-))
(Sorry folks, this joke can currently only be understood by Germans).

Best regards
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