[Gta04-owner] GTA04A4 for sale

John Ogness gta04 at ogness.net
Tue Sep 25 12:00:56 CEST 2012


Today I received my GTA04A4 from the "Group Buy first 50 units"
program. Unfortunately I do not have the time to spend on it that I
should and I know some of you would.

Here is the official product text:

    Openmoko GTA04 (OMAP/UMTS Motherboard Upgrade for existing
    Openmoko Neo 1973 or Neo Freerunner); requires existing Openmoko
    device and some accessories - Group Buy first 50 units

The price is 462.74 EUR. (This is exactly what I paid.)

Preferred method of payment: bank transfer.

If you have a german address, I will pay the shipping. Otherwise, you
will need to pay the shipping costs.

The original packaging from Golden Delicious is in perfect condition
and is still unopened. I will not open it, unless the buyer asks me

Send me email if you are interested.

John Ogness <gta04 at ogness.net>

P.S. I realize this mailing list isn't a forum for selling items. But
     I feel it is important that my GTA04A4 lands in the hands of
     someone who will help keep the project going.

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