[Gta04-owner] A word of caution, and developers' non-liability

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Sat Sep 15 20:39:39 CEST 2012

On Saturday, September 15, 2012 03:19:28 PM Neil Jerram wrote:

> I had a larger than usual phone bill this month.  It was because I'd
> made a few calls to the speaking clock, when testing audio routing, and
> one of those calls continued for a couple of hours after I thought it
> had terminated.

This sucks. The lesson i learned is that developing, testing and using free 
software can be in fact much expencive then closed source software and 

Free is not always for free...

I also always like prepaid sim cards for this cases - you have limit for 
accidentaly spending a money.

Btw i know many people who had to pay big phone bill for accidentaly calling 
wrong number or accidentaly dialed call. I think the phone operators if they 
were fair could handle this.

> Secondly, one of my QtMoko patches caused a regression in v48, which
> broke SMS sending and also (I think) left the modem in a slightly
> unusual state after that.

I havent looked yet what happended, but the modem state is really strange - on 
both Freerunner and GTA04 even reboot does not make it work again.

> - When you want to upgrade or install a new distro, only do it when you
>   have a bit of extra time available, so you can check that all appears
>   to be well, and in particular that things related to money
>   (e.g. mobile network usage) are working correctly.

On GTA04 it's quite safe thanks to mulltiboot. You can have many partitions on 
sd card and boot between them.

On GTA02 i'd first try new release from SD card and then flash it to NAND after 
few days.
> This is wonderful, pioneering work that we're all doing, and it's great
> that we have so many participants in that (and, of course, even more
> would be even better).  But please be aware that participating means
> understanding and accepting some risk, and taking corresponding care.

Sometimes it's hard to well test the release. There are now 2 devices, each 
has many features. Testing all features is not for free - e.g. connecting 
GPRS, calls and SMS costs money and it's a lot of time.

As for QtMoko I hope i can now do less releases better tested. My only big 
plan is now upgrade to Qt 4.8.2, then just fix bugs and new apps.



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