[Gta04-owner] Why QtMoko's wireless setup is a bit fiddly and fragile

Neil Jerram neil at ossau.homelinux.net
Sun Sep 9 11:53:51 CEST 2012

I've been looking into this and hope I will have some fixes quite soon.

A specific problem, that I've seen a few times, is that the wireless
encryption config, for APs that I want to connect to, just doesn't
stick.  Typically the sequence of events is something like this:

- Do a scan, and see that the network I want is there.  But the phone
  can't possibly connect to it yet, because I haven't yet configured the
  encryption key.

- Go to Properties, Wireless Encryption, select the network and
  configure encryption stuff.

- Go back to the scan page, click on the network to try to connect to
  it... but that still fails.

- Go back to Properties, Wireless Encryption, to check that I entered
  the key correctly - except now I find that it says Encryption: None.
  Apparently the encryption properties have been lost.

After reading the relevant code a bit, I discovered that the config file
for wireless lives at /home/root/Applications/Network/config/wlan0.conf,
and looking at that I found that

- the key for my work network was correctly configured, for the right

- the key for my home network was missing from the config for my home
  AP/SSID, but present in the config for 3 other networks that I never

Clearly, then, there's a bug where just-configured or edited encryption
properties get saved against the wrong AP/SSID.  My guess is that the
code incorrectly saves against the 'current' AP/SSID, and that that
could be any network that Qtopia has decided to try.

Another contributing problem, I think, is that Qtopia will try to
connect to any existing network as soon as Wifi is enabled.  I think it
would probably be better for it to connect only to networks that it is
explicitly told to connect to, or has been told to connect to in the
past; and also that there is no point trying to connect to a network
with encryption if encryption properties for that network haven't yet
been configured.

In summary, I think I'm understanding things a bit, and hope at least to
solve the config-not-sticking problem soon.


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