[Gta04-owner] How to increase GTA04 sales to get price down

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli gnutoo at no-log.org
Tue Nov 27 19:06:56 CET 2012


On Tue, 27 Nov 2012 07:46:53 +0100
Christ van Willegen <cvwillegen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Whilst I think it is a good idea, I'm not sure if the GPL allows
> this... IIRC GPL v.3 has been especially crafted to take away rights
> to create devices that undermine consumers' rights, like, using it in
> a DRM controller.
> Christ van Willegen

I think GPLv3 does allow it, mainly because the owner of the
devices(the company that bought them) will still have the right and
possibility to modify the bootloader, since their using their own

How to achieve that(in a good way) practically is another story:
Since you can talk to the bootrom and boot whatever you want(trough
serial, microsd, NAND etc...), that would require to have a bootrom that
only boots the next thing in the boot chain, but only if it is
unmodified(so that can't be GPLv3), and so on...
So you would need a not-modifiable(so that can't be GPLv3) fist stage
bootloader(to make a transition between the bootrom keys and the
company keys(where the bootloader that holds theses keys can be GPLv3))
that is loaded and verified by the bootrom...

That is a bit similar but worse than the UEFI Restricted boot issue.
The differences are that here we have a bootrom that enforce things,
and that the physical access is not trusted(Unlike UEFI where it only
tries to prevent malware from modifying the boot process, for instance
by modifying the BIOS(for instance by adding an option rom)).

I think that would even require some(how much?) board redesign at least
to change the boot order.

I think that marketting the GTA04 or derivatives as a device with full
and corresponding source code of what's running on the main CPU(which
runs SHR,Qtmoko,Debian or Replicant) and forgetting about preventing the
modifications of the device is a better idea.

Also there seem to be a tablet in preparation(according to some mails
and youtube video).
Did you get any contacts from the Vivaldi project?
They didn't design the tablet themselves, and relied on a manufacturer
of existing tablets, resulting in the fact that the manufacturer at some
point changed the design, making all their GNU/Linux porting efforts
useless. So a GTA04 tablet could be very interesting from them.

PS: I'm not a lawyer, etc...


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