[Gta04-owner] QtMoko v49 - Look and feel

Sven Dyroff S.Dyroff at phytec.de
Tue Nov 27 11:01:58 CET 2012


meanwhile I also tried QtMoko v49 together with bootloader "Production 
20121120". My impressions:

- Bootloader starts with dark red and empty screen -> Shock! What's wrong?
- No penguin -> Anger! What's going wrong here?
- See the 4-icon-menu -> Ahhh! The previous reaction wasn't a bug. We 
shall see it as feature!   :-o
- QtMoko booting -> Fine!
- See QtMoko booting for unusual long time -> Slowly anger arises again. 
What's going wrong?
- Finally see the Qt Calibration -> Ahhhh! QtMoko only had lots of stuff 
to boot. It's ok!
- Do the calibration. It's awfully slow and choppy. -> WTF?
- Enter date, time and pin. It's ok.
- See the MokoFaen and go to settings in order to switch to Finxi. OK, I 
expected this step to do. But I didn't expect it to last such long.
- See Finxi with black background -> Bahhhh!
- See that some icons are missing. Very strange: The green "Back"-icon has 
gone. But I need it and so I found: I can touch it and it works, but I 
can't see it -> Bahhh!
- See empty battery icon whereas I know the battery is quite full. Problem 
known from v48  ->   :-(((

Being happy that my NAND is still quite empty! So just remove the SD card 
and put in again the old one with QtMoko v47 (and previous bootloader). In 
my opinion the best and most stable version we have. Might be that v48 or 
v49 have lots of more features and some bugs fixed, but I don't want to 
try that out when the whole system already annoys me from the scratch...

Sorry for this negative text, but I think an honest opinion is better for 
this project than a lying one.

Best regards
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