[Gta04-owner] Bluetooth handsfree unit

Gilles Filippini gilles.filippini at free.fr
Mon Nov 26 22:50:30 CET 2012

arne anka a écrit , Le 26/11/2012 22:32:
> are you using pulseaudio (qtmoko does)?

Yes; this is QtMoko v50.

> on my local pc with debian/sid i rather often experience the bt headset
> being set to "off" in pulseaudio or sound not being routed to/from
> headeset when using Hands Free/Handset Profile.
> you could check with pactl/pacmd if maybe the above mentioned issues
> cause the silence.

pactl doesn't report any bluetooth device while it has been successfully

# DISPLAY=:0.0 pactl list | grep Name:
xcb_connection_has_error() returned true
	Name: module-device-restore
	Name: module-stream-restore
	Name: module-card-restore
	Name: module-augment-properties
	Name: module-alsa-card
	Name: module-alsa-card
	Name: module-alsa-card
	Name: module-udev-detect
	Name: module-bluetooth-discover
	Name: module-native-protocol-unix
	Name: module-gconf
	Name: module-default-device-restore
	Name: module-rescue-streams
	Name: module-always-sink
	Name: module-intended-roles
	Name: module-suspend-on-idle
	Name: module-console-kit
	Name: module-systemd-login
	Name: module-position-event-sounds
	Name: module-role-cork
	Name: module-filter-heuristics
	Name: module-filter-apply
	Name: module-dbus-protocol
	Name: module-switch-on-port-available
	Name: alsa_output.platform-soc-audio.0.analog-stereo
	Name: alsa_output.platform-soc-audio.1.analog-mono
	Name: alsa_output.platform-soc-audio.2.analog-stereo
	Name: alsa_output.platform-soc-audio.0.analog-stereo.monitor
	Name: alsa_input.platform-soc-audio.0.analog-stereo
	Name: alsa_output.platform-soc-audio.1.analog-mono.monitor
	Name: alsa_input.platform-soc-audio.1.analog-mono
	Name: alsa_output.platform-soc-audio.2.analog-stereo.monitor
	Name: alsa_input.platform-soc-audio.2.analog-stereo
	Name: alsa_card.platform-soc-audio.0
	Name: alsa_card.platform-soc-audio.1
	Name: alsa_card.platform-soc-audio.2



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