[Gta04-owner] QtMoko v49

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Thu Nov 22 13:22:40 CET 2012

Am 22.11.2012 um 12:18 schrieb Radek Polak:

> On Thursday, November 22, 2012 10:35:06 AM Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
>> Yes, but IMHO it can be simplified even more by not requiring a specific
>> scheme by QtMoko.
> It's not required, it's recommended. You can format all 4 partitions with ext4 
> and with the new gta04-init it will work.


Two more questions to better understand it. 

Does QtMoko also work without gta04-init?
And can it be installed in a different partition?

> But please note how hard is to support users if everybody uses different 
> scheme. E.g. qtmoko is searching media files on media partition. And i simply 
> _have_ to write something in /etc/fstab...

I think other systems have some magic for this. My eeePC with Debian/LXDE
magically finds and dynamically mounts an SD card to /media when I insert it
into the SD reader. Either the built-in or an external one using USB.
And it finds it also if I have inserted it before booting, i.e. I handles removeable
media, but I don't have to...

It even mounts multiple partitions to different /media/NAME nodes.

I don't know how it works (udev rule? a special automounter daemon?) and
it may be also part of the special eeePC debian installation package and not
a standard Debian tool.

But I think such a mechanism could also be integrated into QtMoko and other Distros
so that they can handle any order or type of partitions. And, it could be possible
to access/modify/debug the SHR partition while running QtMoko or vice versa.

Or maybe have two different QtMoko systems in different partitions?

Anyways it could be nice to share some data/media partitions between these

> If you skip the first partition you will never be able to upgrade bootloader 
> without deleting the whole SD...

But it can be done with a second SD card with bootloader-upgrade. It also can
be smaller and really cheap. I think 1GB is sufficient. Maybe the old 512MB
that was provided with early Freerunners as well but I have not checked.

Well, this needs two cards and it may be a little more difficult to get the new
bootloader onto the upgrade-SD first.

But the Debian/LXDE hw-validation image even has an entry for apt-get
upgrading these files from the goldelico server. It is not widely made known
because we have no certificate yet and it asks each time for permission.

And it needs a ssh over USB connection to remote control this upgrade.

> If you skip the media partition, you wont have backups, downloaded map tiles, 
> mp3 and all of that will be lost when you reinstall rootfs...

Can QtMoko somehow support multiple media partitions?


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