[Gta04-owner] contact information lost?

e.waelde ew.ng7125 at nassur.net
Wed Nov 21 08:22:43 CET 2012


It seems, that the names/phone numbers stored on my SIM card
have disappeared ... :-(

+ After transforming the neo to a gta04, I installed qtmoko-v48
on a sdcard. I could see and use the 40 odd contacts, which
were residing on the SIMcard (proven with sms messages).

+ After the release of qtmoko-v49 i installed that to a
different sdcard and bootet the phone.

+ I could see all contacts

+ then I added a new contact, all others were still visible iirc.

+ then I edited the newly added contact (corrected name). I'm
not sure, whether all contacts were still available after that.

+ after a reboot, I can see only the newly added and corrected
contact, all others are gone.

+ rebooting with the older qtmoko-v48 does not bring them back,
so they were not saved is some file rather than on the SIM card.

Anyone with similar experience?
Ideas, where to start looking?
Other Ideas?


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