[Gta04-owner] QtMoko v49

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Sun Nov 18 19:18:05 CET 2012

>> does it still require the first FAT partition or does it comply to the  
>> new
>> scheme?
> it's still needed.

ok. took another sd card and created fat/ext4/ext4/swap. put all files in  
their respective places -- eh voila! it's alive ...
and honestly, i AM impressed! looks good, feels good.

it's a bit difficult to figure out, what for instance settings refer to,  
so please bear with me if the following question are answered already  
somewhere -- i didn't find answers so far.

- i don't use (atm at least) a SIM and thus no telephony at all. but after  
at least the first boot it took rather long time for the pin entry screen  
to disappear. also, i don't need either the recption bars in the top  
shelf/panel nor the phone button on the home screen. is it possible to  
disable completely and remove from GUI all things telephony related?
i put the device in Airplabne Mode -- but that also disables BT and WLAN

- the battery symbol in the upper right corner is only a red frame, no  
capacity indication. when connected to usb sometimes a flash symbol  
appears inside, but only for a short time and disappears again. battery is  
a default gat02 battery.
EDIT: jsut noticed that pulseaudio was using 15-20% cpu, killed as in your  
answer to Neill and restarted, but with --system -D. now pulseaudio  
doesn't even appear in top (but runs!) and the system feels much more  
snappy and -- the flash symbold an read PWR led are there.

- is it possible to configure the sizes of fonts/icons/shelves/panels  
sizes? for my taste fonts and icons are by far too large. and the  
shelves/panels (top with sip ball, time and battery, and bottom with  
options/back/...) are to large. too.

- are thereshortcuts to toggle wlan/bt/gps? ideally in the top shelf  
besides battery and time
- cpu usage indicator -- is there a gadget that displays the cou usage in  
the top shelf?

- when terminal is open, there's no keyboard icon in footer to toggle  
- pressing "AUX" writes "^@" in the upper row (disappears again after a  
- "settings"->"startup flags", "usb connection mode": missing icons? whar  
i see is a "paper sheet" with a question mark

again, thanks for the great work!

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