[Gta04-owner] Replicant 4 release - also for GTA04 planned?

calypso at riseup.net calypso at riseup.net
Fri Nov 16 18:58:07 CET 2012

Hallo Paul, Hallo Replicant-Core-Team, 
slightly off topic an maybe yet another nagging feature-request:
Is there a plan to support the GTA04 as well, maybe as a *BIG christmas
present* ;-) ?

Your previous release 2.3 for GTA really was impressive! 
And with resume/suspend, SMS and modem working, it could become a
leading system for the growing GTA04 community.


Replicant 4.0 0001 images release

After months of working hard to bring Replicant to the next upstream
release, we are proud to announce the release of the Replicant 4.0 0001
images. This new release comes with support for both new devices, such
as the Galaxy Nexus or the Galaxy S2 and devices that were already there
in Replicant 2.3, like the Nexus S and the Galaxy S.
Posted under: New images release
Aside from the new Ice Cream Sandwich user experience, that we tried to
make as good as possible without any non-free blob, most devices have
better hardware support than before, such as Galaxy S which now has
working camera, or the global improvements that were made to make
telephony more stable and reliable. Even though it’s not perfect yet, we
are proud of the result, that many of us use daily. If you encounter a
particular problem with our software, do not hesitate to report the
issue via our tracker, or give feedback when a problem was resolved.

We are indeed writing hundreds of lines of code to have more hardware
supported and with a better state, replacing non-free components, step
by step. Keep in mind that Replicant has a very small core team, we’re
just two people doing this on our free time: that means we can’t work on
every side of the project at the same time and have to make choices.
This is why we will always welcome serious new contributors who’d like
to get involved in the project.

You can download the images from the ReplicantImages page and find
installation instructions as well as build guides on the Replicant wiki.

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