[Gta04-owner] Group Tour is now running and coming to completion!

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Thu Nov 15 21:48:28 CET 2012


got my converted gta04 today -- and the first good thing is, that it boots  
even with a completely discharged battery :-)
for my last experiements with the gta02 i had to fiddle with a charger and  
two wires to kick start the thing ...

although, that poses a new question: how do i know when the battery is  
full? pwr led is green from the beginning and the flashed LXDE image has  
no acpi installed (no net, on usb charger atm).
which /sys/ file do i need to read?

ps: i have a dim recollection of having seen a "first steps with your new  
gta04" list someweher, but couldb't find it (and if i am correct, i at  
least missed to bookmark it)

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