[Gta04-owner] Keyboard for GTA04

Xavi Drudis Ferran xdrudis at tinet.cat
Thu Mar 15 14:28:55 CET 2012

On Thu 15/03/12 13:50 , "Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller" <hns at goldelico.com> wrote:

> Am 15.03.2012 um 13:29 schrieb Martin Jansa:
> >> 

> >> This is because if you using one hand to hold phone, you have one one
> >> hand free. Holding and using keyboard with one hand is not possible.
> >> 

> Yes, but do you think it does help to dream about the best keyboards
> made by (formerly?) big companies? They will most likely not do anything
> for our GTA02/04.

:) So we're in for day-dreaming ? Here I go...

1.- If the keyboard case is 3d printed and the phone case is 3d printed, 
it should be possible to include some kind of hook so that you can detach 
the keyboard from the back and attach it to the underside somehow, solid
enough that holding either one the other stays in place. No idea of mechanics
so I just pressume it is possible can't tell how to actually go for it or it what 
way you could snap them into place (you also need something to keep the
battery in place, if you remove the battery cover because it is your keyboard). 

2.- They keyboard could stay in the back of the screen(maybe with fewer 
keys). Or It might just be a big touchpad so that you can configure different
key layouts. After all blind people can use keyboards and people learn to play accordion, 
so one should be able to learn to use a keyboard in the back of the screen...
(but I suspect it wouldn't be very usable). 

3.- I've tried both onscreen keyboards in QtMoko and I can only use the complete
one, with symbols, numbers and letters and all, but keys are so little that it is
unusable with my fingers and not very easy with a stylus. The screen is only 
so big and the tactile area is only as big, so one can't get much better with this
real state. BUT: the GTA04 is a computer with many more inputs that just a 
touchscreen. It has gyroscopes and accelerometers, and someone is already
hoping to implement inertial navigation with them... One might use virtual reality state
when real state is lacking. You could have a larger keyboard in an area of the air
in front of you, and see parts of it as you move the phone, so that the screen (or part of 
it, or one of the transparent layers drawn on it) is just a viewport to a virtual world. 
This virtual world might contain a keyboard in such a place that the viewport can just
show 12-20 keys at a time, but the rest are just a slight swing away of the phone. 
When you toch the part of the touchscreen with the projection of the "air key" it would
simply type its character.
Maybe it would be comfortable to type with your fingers in this case (or should I say
with your fingers and arm, to move the whole phone and not only your fignertip). I don't 
know if this has already been tried or how it works.

Generalizing the idea you could have a virtual 3D world with several flat desktops 
on it, and move between them by just moving your phone around. The keyboard would 
just be one virtual screen with an onscreen keyboard on it, but you could draw virtual screens
anywhere "in the air around you", place your graphical applications there, and interact with them by the projection 
in the touchscreen (or just using the motion to switch the desktop show and once switched 
work in usual 2D). You would possibly
want some kind of "scroll-lock" button to avoid having to hold your hand steady once you reached
the desktop you want (it would switch from moving the viewport with the phone motion to 
moving the VR world around and so keeping the same spot on the viewport), and some form 
of toggle between moving linearly or accelerating, etc.

If always found these kinds of scifi desktops little usuable, and the Alt-Fx keystrokes much 
more practical, but this might be because I didn't imagine myself interacting with them with 
a motion sensing handheld viewport without  alt or Fx keys...

It would need some 3D graphics horsepower, but you could possibly do without if you 
keep navigation in the 3D world to wireframe views or something and just render the 
contents when you have switched desktops, or use some form of reactiong to motion 
that isn't a proper 3D projection of things.

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