[Gta04-owner] shr-2012.01-rc1, please test

Martin Jansa martin.jansa at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 11:55:27 CET 2012


on FSOSHRCON'11 we decided that we should do first official release. We
expected to ship it in January, but everybody was quite busy so only now
we have something to call at least rc1.

Of course there are still some bugs, some are even already known, but
please let us know what is blocking this release and what can be fixed
in next one. To do that please test latest staging images+feeds.

for details how to test them.

I've started image rebuild for staging 032, but I'm leaving for 5 days
tomorrow at 4AM and I guess they won't be finished in time to close 032 for
easier testing.. that's why I'm sending this announcement now.

If there is at least few test reports tonight I'll merge staging feeds
up to 031 to public feed so we get more users using it.


Martin 'JaMa' Jansa     jabber: Martin.Jansa at gmail.com
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