[Gta04-owner] QT V45 - First impression

calypso at riseup.net calypso at riseup.net
Fri Jun 22 19:54:57 CEST 2012

my impressions from the first days "dialy usage" of V45 on my GTA04:

- Installation on SD card now works for me (for the first time). 
Maybe a script for the automatic configuration of the SD-card, like
Nikolaus contributed for an older version could be packed into the

- USB-networking works on Wheezy with minor adaptions.

- NeronGPS now works for the first time. And the speed is great!

- Calling somebody produces an 5 lines of (ugly) text-output on the
screen : "gsm-voice-routing started ... broken pipe" 

- Although with disabled bluetooth my battery drains in less the 24h
standby. Is it due to my old battery or are there more energy saving
options I could switch on ?

- One major issue which kept me away from installing QT on GTA04 is the
backup/restore or synchronizing problem. I found "QTBackup" but the
qtbackup.conf is missing. And the instructions on the web sound not very
promising (was V15):

Is there another way for synchronizing or is it just "one way on an

- The new keyboard really! enhances the usability. 
First SMS I sent without the little plastic pencil. 
Maybe the option discussed earlier on this list with a single capital
letter for german input could find its way into the language option?

So thanks for the great work! QTV45 is really cute!


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