[Gta04-owner] QtMoko v45 : keyboard layout and emails

adrien adrien at adorsaz.ch
Wed Jun 20 04:13:06 CEST 2012


I was playing with keyboard layouts and I've made this : I've added an
"ABC" mode (so the "abc" mode, but shifted) and I modified the switch
button to reflect which will be the next layout.

I needed an "ABC" shifted to be able to access easily to big letters
(that's often needed when I'm writing emails or SMS) and to have some
punctuation characters (I'm french-writing, so I added in additional 
and "à" characters).

I joined to this mail my new svgkbd directory.

One other thing : I've noticed last week that we could have emails in
QtMoko but I didn't found the way to configure accounts. In fact, I had
to search "qtopia email" on the Web and read mailing lists to found
documentation. So, I think we should add the "Open Messages application
-> Options->Account Settings->Options->Add account" tip to the QtMoko
wiki (I'll make it tomorrow evening if the wiki is open).

My first idea to found some "Account Manager" was to look for in the
QtMoko Settings (but I found only Gtalk), so I wanted to know if you
think relevant to add an entry "Account Settings" in this area ?

Adrien Dorsaz
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