[Gta04-owner] QTMoko v45 bugs

Neil Jerram neil at ossau.homelinux.net
Sat Jun 16 10:13:21 CEST 2012

Radek Polak <psonek2 at seznam.cz> writes:

> On Saturday 16 June 2012 04:04:17 Kevin Hremeviuc wrote:
>> I have been using the gta04 QTMoko v45 for a couple of days now and have
>> found a couple of bugs:
>> 1. Suspend does not seem to be working. Tapping on the screen wakes the
>> device up. Since the screen can easily be bumped this could waste a lot of
>> energy, especially if I have the phone in my jeans pocket. If this is a
>> suspended state then my battery usage rate is too high - I have about
>> 16hrs before it is flat. I am in a weak reception area - would this
>> consume a significant amount of power?
> Screen tap should not wake GTA04 - so it looks the device is not really 
> suspended.
> How are you suspending it? I am always locking the screen - the phone suspends 
> then after 10s. For me this works very good. GTA04 should remain 2 days in 
> suspend with fresh battery.

I sometimes lock, and sometimes just leave it to suspend after 3
minutes.  Both seem to work reliably for me; I don't recall any
unexpected wake ups.

By the way, if the phone _isn't_ locked when it suspends, should it be
automatically locked on resume?  Otherwise, if it's in your pocket, the
pocket could do something unwanted, and also prevent re-suspending.

On the other hand, how does that interact with the case of wanting to
quickly answer an incoming call?  I imagine there's a well known
solution to this, as it affects all phones; but I don't know what it is

> I think i will add indicator for current_now to the home screen, so that you 
> can see how much milliamps the phone draws from battery (you can see it now in 
> NeoControl application).

That sounds useful.

>> 2. I am not receiving SMSes. The screen turns on, there is no sound and
>> there is no message saying that an SMS has been received. When I restart
>> just QTMoko using the menu I then get a message that an SMS has been
>> received.

> Is this reproducible? Can you provide log with "Modem AT commands" category 
> enabled?

I see this problem too; but not enough yet to say how reproducible it

>> 4. Sometimes, after a couple of suspends, the phone goes to sleep and can
>> not be woken up.

I've never seen this.

> My phone suspends/resumes very reliably.

>> Is it just me having these issues? How many people are using QTMoko v45
>> actively?
> That would be interesting to know. Is anyone using GTA04 as his daily phone?

I'm using it daily as a pressure monitor and navigation device, and it's
fantastic for that; but not really as a phone yet.  I think the latter
is because my current pattern of communication doesn't much require a
mobile phone, and also because I haven't yet copied much contact
information onto the phone.


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