[Gta04-owner] Linux 3.5-rc2 on GTA04

NeilBrown neilb at suse.de
Thu Jun 14 08:59:31 CEST 2012

 I now have 3.5-rc2 running reasonably well on the GTA04.

Power use seems up a little bit, and I'm not certain it always resumes from
suspend, so don't plan to use this for general use, but it is a good base for

git://neil.brown.name/gta04 mainline
git://github.com/neilbrown/linux.git gta04/mainline

Note that I rebase this branch, so you need to 'fetch', not 'pull'.

There were an unusually large number of bugs that needed fixing - I need to
revert recent libertas updates before the wifi would work for example, but
everything but most things I've tested work (sound, display, vibrator, usb,
wifi, leds, phone calls)

I've made a significant change that you would need to be aware of.
The OMAP serial ports can now be given a GPIO to drive as DTR, so it is off
when the port is closed, or during suspend.
This GPIO can be a virtual GPIO.

For the bluetooth port, I've provided a virtual GPIO which can control a
regulator.  The effect of this is that when you open /dev/ttyO0, the
bluetooth power source is turned on, and when you close it, the power source
can be turned off.
    hciattach /dev/ttyO0 any
will automatically power-on the bluetooth and
    killall hciattach
will turn it off (unless the wlan device is holding it one).

For the GPS port, I've written a more complicated virtual GPIO which pulses
the control line for the GPS, and monitors the RX line to check that it is
off.  If it isn't it will pulse it again.

The effect of this is that opening /dev/ttyO1 will turn on the GPS, and
closing the device will turn it off.

This doesn't control the power to the GPS antenna.  I haven't yet decided if I
want to add that, or if I want to keep it as an rfkill device.

I'm happy to hear opinions on this.

3.5 contains some interesting new stuff.  It has the new auto-suspend
function so the kernel can be told to suspend whenever it is not actively
being kept awake.  I already have user-space code that does this, but I might
experiment with the kernel-side implementation.

There is also the 'extcon' framework for describing 'external connectors'.  I
hope to use this to make the state of the external GPS antenna and the
phono-jack visible to user-space without messing directly with GPIOs.
It would be interesting to see if it can be used to report on the USB cable -
whether A or B or charger.

So there is still plenty to do.

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