[Gta04-owner] Trouble with GTA04 and Qtmoko v44

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Sat Jun 2 18:30:12 CEST 2012

On Friday 01 June 2012 12:40:09 Sebastian Reinhardt wrote:

> I got my GTA04-board and now I have some problems:
> After 3-4 times normal boot, I get an message on Qtmoko desktop "No
> modem". The phone does not ask for SIM-PIN, but the SIM-card is ok
> (tested with "old" P910i) and properly inserted.

So you sometimes get the SIM dialog and sometimes not?

On my older GTA04A3 this bug is probably hidden, because the modem never 
powers off...

It might be interesting to enable Settings->Logging-> modem AT commands and 
check/send /var/log/messages when it happens.

> Some times an terminal
> is opened where a script is "reenumerating" the modem. The first times
> it took a while after booting up the phone and the PIN was asked.

Hmm this is known bug with modem - it disappears and reappears few seconds 
after. For me this happens very rarely and i restart qtmoko in this case. 
Maybe this time it didnt work well. We still need better solution preferably 
in kernel for this bug.

> After
> registering in cellphone network I was able to make calls and (not
> really) receive calls. If I called my GTA04 from standard phone, I could
> hear the ring tone in normal telephone but the GTA04 did not ring! After
> a while, I stopped trying to call my GTA04, then my GTA04 rings! Do I
> have a hardware or software problem? Can anyone help me?

It would be nice to try to debug further where is error. Did you see POWER led 
green blinking when you expected the incoming call? QtMoko does this when 
reads incoming call AT command.

So if you see POWER led blinking and the phone does not ring, then modem is ok 
and there must be some problem in software. If it did not blink then the 
incoming AT command didnt come over the serial line.



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