[Gta04-owner] Updates for 3.2-gta04 kernel.

NeilBrown neilb at suse.de
Sun Feb 26 05:22:21 CET 2012

 I just pushed a few updates out to
   git://neil.brown.name/gta04 3.2-gta04

- battery will charge while suspended.
- RTC alarm should reliably wake from suspend

Some of the patches are hacks or work-arounds rather than real fixes, so I'll
need more understanding before getting fixes upstream.

If you want to know detail about why the RTC wasn't working, you can read this


lwn.net article.

I recommend compiling with
   make gta04a3_nodebug_defconfig

With all the debugging removed, my gta04 will wake from suspend in under 1
second which is soooo much nicer than my freerunner.
Some day I'll have to see if that can be made faster - maybe user-space is
doing something unnecessary.

Feedback always welcome.

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