[Gta04-owner] GTA04 Hardware Board Question

xperia linux linuxperia at gmx.ch
Tue Feb 21 15:01:45 CET 2012

I have made some more research and found some very good Information.

First of all i found this very sexy Virtual Display by Vuzix that is Used by the US Military Force for displaying Live Information while in Combat.


As a Eyewear they just use the simple
Oakley Sunglasses like the SI Ballistic M-Frame that can be buyed by everybody in the World.


The Funny Thing is that this Virtual Display works afaik with any Sunglasses. IT use a Clip Mechanism and does work also with other normal sunglasses like from Revision Sawfly or ESS ICE

Then i made some more research and found out that they use for the Virtual Display the Micro displays from http://www.emagin.com/oled-microdisplays/

Here is the Data Sheet of this very Powerfull Micro Display that afaik should be easy implemented with GTA04



At the End all what is needed for such a Virtual Display are this eMagin Micro Displays with the right Optics to zoom it to a 75" Screen
and the rest is simple Sunglasses that can be buyed by everybody.

What are you thinking. Would it be not fantastic having such a powerfull
Display Possibility integrated with GTA04.

I am for yes !
Price should be not that much more than the Normal LCD Screen allready and new Buyers like me dont need to search or Buy Old Open Moko Free Runners to get the LCD Screen but can go direct to this sexy virtual Display that no mobile phone maker till yet does deliver!
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