[Gta04-owner] Modem crashing?

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Wed Feb 15 15:51:02 CET 2012

On Wednesday 15 February 2012 13:30:58 Radek Polak wrote:

> On Wednesday 15 February 2012 07:53:43 Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> > Another idea is to test if it really does reset the modem: please enable
> > the SIM PIN. If you need to provide it again after this operation, the
> > modem did reset. If not, it is just something in the USB interface. Maybe
> > it is going to some suspend and waking up as a different device number?
> It does not need PIN:
> Feb 15 13:26:59 neo Qtopia: AtChat :  T : "AT+CPIN?"
> Feb 15 13:26:59 neo Qtopia: AtChat :  F : "+CPIN: READY"
> So it just disconnects and reconnects. I wonder if it is possible to detect
> it from software and reopen the port.

It's possible to detect 0 returned from read operation on the serial port. 
After reopening the modem continues to work normally. So it's probably just 



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