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Sat Feb 11 15:10:17 CET 2012

On Sat, Feb 11, 2012 at 09:10, Lionel Broche <lionel.broche at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 11 February 2012 09:32, Boudewijn <wankelwankel at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> On Friday 10 February 2012 23:00:02 Jack Jones wrote:
>> > some sims most  dont seem to be hot swapable but if you catch the code
>> > at
>> > the riight  place you might get some sort of bastardized or not
>> > connection,Ive found a modem that works without a sim! it has a slot but
>> > once your subscribed and connected to a provider you can take the sim
>> > out
>> > and it still connects!
>> I once heard someone saying the SIM is (techincally) not needed anymore.
>> Telco's can (and do) mandate the use, because that way it is much easier
>> to
>> bind the customer/consumer. As long as people believe it's necessary, they
>> won't balk and demand more transparency and flexibility.
> Just adding my two pence:
> I don't know if it is the same everywhere but in Japan the IPads are linked
> to one phone provider. They cannot be modified to fit with another: if you
> want to travel, you have to pay for the connection fees from your Japanese
> company or to buy another IPad from the country you go to (which may
> actually be less expensive...).
> So there does not seem to be any SIM in the IPad, or maybe it is included
> inside from factory. If there is no SIM at all (which may be easy to check
> if anyone with an IPad is willing to open it) then it is definitely possible
> to access the phone network from software solutions only.
> Lionel
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I don't know about the current situation in Japan, but historically,
Japan like the US used CDMA networks instead of GSM networks which
were/are used in most other parts of the world.
SIM-Cards were GSM specific and only later appeared in IS-95 and
IS-2000 networks.
Other than that, there is also the possibility to use soldered
SIM-"Cards" directly on the modem board.

Some companies, especially Apple, seem to want to move away from
SIM-Cards as they give the user and provider some control over the
hardware; they would favor to be in control alone, and will likely
push towards this goal in the next few years.
The providers worked hard against that (because losing the SIM could
result in Apple deciding for the user to switch networks on command)
and for now it seems to be delayed.

So while the telcos have strong financial interest to keep it like it
is, and companies like Apple have a strong financial interest to
change it, the user really is in between. While the SIM card limits
him somewhat, at least it is still possible to change it.
With Modems still being totally blackbox devices, giving the
manufacturer control over this, too, is a very bad thing and not at
all "transparent and flexible" - if the SIM disappears, so does the
choice. Furthermore, not only are modems blackboxes, the manufacturers
try a lot to make the whole device a blackbox, and while Apple is only
somewhat successful with that right now, they will in future move to
better hardware security models that help them to stay in charge.

No more interchangeable SIM with no more interchangeable battery in a
blackbox devices results inevitable in an uncontrollable Spy device
which can not reliably turned of from network service. This is
strongly in the interest of companies like Apple, Google, Facebook and
Co. and of course the countries very own security apparatus which can
get data from such companies much easier than they can from Telcos,
because Telcos are under more defined legislation (with exception of
the US of course, where the Patriot Act and NSLs effectively eliminate
all legislation) - though trend shifts toward getting rid of limiting
legislation in that area, too.

P.S. To the HTML-mailer guys here: please set your client to plaintext
when writing to mailinglists. Crappy HTML mails break communication,
and nobody can be expected to use a browser or browser-in-mailclient
to read posts on the list.

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