[Gta04-owner] Detect Call Hangup / Option Datasheet

Marcel Holtmann marcel at holtmann.org
Sun Feb 5 19:50:07 CET 2012

Hi Neil,

> > we have everything pushed into oFono that we could and with oFono 1.3
> > you should be fine actually. However I think it needs one more patch for
> > the general PCM routing/settings setup. I have not pushed that one.
> >
> > I do not own a GTA04, so all the patches have been developed with a
> > normal ExpressCard from Option. So have a try and report back.
> I've had some tries now and can report that it's all basically working.
> I have minor audio issues that other GTA04 folk have already reported
> and are working on; and I think I saw the known problem of detecting
> remote hangup.  But fundamentally voice calls work, with oFono as the
> backend.

the remote hangup detection should just work fine with oFono. That is
actually not the problem. It is power hungry due to the CLCC polling,
but it does work.

There is a minor detail with remote reject, but that is most likely a
network detail with you being send to voice mail or the modem is just
taking forever to notice that the remote side rejected you. There is
nothing you can do from the host side about this. It is a modem issue.

And here you have the problem that most likely nobody took Option
serious to be a modem inside a phone.

> I'll write more about my setup and GUI next week, or just possibly
> tomorrow.
> Just one question: what is the function of the PCM routing/settings
> setup that you mention above?  Is audio handling and routing in scope
> for oFono?

The documentation lists AT_OPCMPROF to select the PCM audio profile with
options for handset, headset, speakerphone and Bluetooth. I just have no
idea how these influence the audio routing or just some filtering or
even something else. Maybe this setting can just be ignored or set to a
standard value.



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