[Gta04-owner] Debian/SD card installation instructions

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Sun Dec 23 01:34:09 CET 2012

so, to put it simply:
- create a single ext3 partition on teh sd card
- expand squeeze-lxde.tbz to that partition
- copy uImage to said partition's boot/
- remove /lib/modules/ and expand modules.tgz
- put sd card into GTA04
- power on

question: is ext3 required or will ext4 do, too?

since i possibly had something damaged while doing trial&error i created a  
hw-validation sd (w/ makesd) and flashed again.

then created on a 8g sd card as described and w/ ext3, and it booted.
"even simpler" did not work, at least not with an old installation (not  
makesd) with vfat as p1 and ext4 as p2 -- GTA04 always booted into flash,  
pressing AUX showed menu, but all sd related options also booted flash.

did recreate the sd card like above and now it boots.

> Generally:
> * makesd and boot.scr are not obsolete
> * boot.scr is stored in NAND flash by means of the hw-validation image
> * if the NAND boot system is broken, you need them to reflash (unbrick)  
> the boot system
> * for installing the hw-validation image on a SD card the makesd script  
> is useful
> * this bootstrapping still needs the special formatting if the X-Loader  
> in NAND is broken (which rarely is)
> For running (not flashing):
> * you need a kernel, kernel modules and a rootfs
> * you can expand the Debian rootfs from the hw-validation kernel on a  
> single (or any) ext3 partition on the SD card
> * and copy the kernel to /boot/uImage
> * and expand the correct kernel modules
> * and apply depmod -a (if the kernel boots fine, you can already do that  
> on the GTA04)
> * then you can update/modify/debootstrap what you like
> Or even simpler:
> * makesd a hw-validation image
> * copy the kernel from the FAT boot partition to /boot
> * delete the FAT partition
> This should result in a SD card with Debian using the boot loader from  
> Hope this helps - if not, please let me know so that the instructions  
> mentioned
> above can be improved in the right direction.

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