[Gta04-owner] Debian/SD card installation instructions

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Sun Dec 23 01:21:10 CET 2012

well, i don't think i have strayed from the path of the righteous yet.
my main concern atm is to get th GTA04 to boot reliably from sd [1] --
that's pretty much what qtmoko does, isn't it?
but qtmoko isn't imo suitable as a base since it comes already full
configured and featured, while i need a rather slim installation to be
filled w/ fso/shr and then monav.

i am quite prepared to do a lot of work on my own (and i have already
noticed that the list is somewhat quiet and revolves mostly around qtmoko.
after all, it is an awesome piece of work an probably suits most users
exceptionally well).

but what i need, of course, are pieces of information -- and with the
current fragmentation it's rather hard to keep track of all the different
places where information may be obtained and how recent it is.

i may be wrong, but i still assume that anyone involved with the GTA04
that doesn't use it for something entirely different, is subscribed to
this list, so i ask here in the hope to get pointers.

the basic stuff like booting sd, should be similar to qtmoko (though it
used a more recent kernel than fso can handle atm, it seems); fso is also
on smartphone-* lists, but there's still the pkg-fso team which at some
time in the feature probably will pack more recent fso. all these  
hopefully convene on this list,

> Arne, you're asking a lot of detailed questions about a non-standard
> setup, and not getting a lot of answers - as I'm sure you've noticed
> too!  Something to be aware of is that the GTA04 community is (so far)
> much smaller than the GTA01/02 community, and it's correspondingly more
> difficult for that community to support a lot of different setups.
> Specifically, there hasn't been much done yet on non-QtMoko Debian, and
> if you want to follow that path I suspect you'll have to do a lot of the
> legwork and working things out yourself.  Of course it's still
> absolutely sensible to ask questions on the mailing list first, just in
> case.
> I tried to follow the Debian path too in my early GTA04 days, and if
> you're interested in that you could look at the following references.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdXlN9WentY
> http://lists.goldelico.com/pipermail/gta04-owner/2012-February/001427.html
> http://lists.goldelico.com/pipermail/gta04-owner/2012-February/001678.html
> http://lists.goldelico.com/pipermail/gta04-owner/2012-February/001736.html
> But after a while I felt it was just too hard and that I should take
> another look at QtMoko, and actually I haven't looked back since then:
> QtMoko is a pretty nice system.
> Regards,
>         Neil
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