[Gta04-owner] mixed thoughts: tablet/fm/nemomobile

Norayr Chilingarian norayr at arnet.am
Sat Dec 1 16:30:51 CET 2012


I am afraid to not tell exactly right, but as far as I know, Nemo is a 
mobile distribution based on Mer and it may be described like a MeeGo fork.
Mer is a MeeGo middleware, as a separate project. It is used in Vivaldi 
Tablet ( http://makeplaylive.com/) and Jolla OS/ Sailfish(sailfish.org).

Nemo is hardware adaptation (read kernel) + Mer (middleware) + MeeGo UI, 
and recently MeeGo ui was replaced with lipstick.

I use Nemo on n900, this is actually the only completely free 
distribution (on n900 some parts of the kernel are closed source.)


12/01/12 03:48 -???, Neil Jerram-? ???? ?:
> Norayr Chilingarian <norayr at arnet.am> writes:
>> And a complete offtop - now, when a tablet arrive we'll have a bigger screen
>> which will make it possible to run Nemomobile (mer) on this device. I may even
>> port it myself, if there will be no other builds.
> Can you recommend where to go to see the latest state of what Nemomobile
> (mer) looks like?  I'm afraid I've found the nemo/mer world difficult to
> navigate.
> Thanks,
>          Neil
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