[Gta04-owner] [QtMoko] RFC: UI for adding Search to NeronGPS

xdrudis xdrudis at tinet.cat
Fri Aug 31 01:00:44 CEST 2012

On Thu, Aug 30, 2012 at 09:05:09PM +0100, Neil Jerram wrote:
> - We could show them all as markers on the map.  But that raises the
>   question of what to do if some of them are outside the current map.
>   Any automatic shifting or zooming of the map might cause unwanted
>   new downloading, and/or show areas of black for a while.  Options
>   could be:

That question is when the current zoom is too narrow. If it is too wide, 
you get the opposite question:  what to do if some of the results 
fall very close together at the current zoom level. Some UIs I've seen
paint a circle with the number of results inside, and when you zoom in 
enough they become separate points. 

>   - Not shifting or zooming the map at all.  The only markers that will
>     be visible straightaway are those within the current bounds.  Other
>     markers would become visible as/when the user shifted/zoomed the map
>     so as to cover them.

Yes, this makes sense. If it's not too difficult you could also add arrows
along the edges of the map, pointing in the direction of the outside results
(the arrows could also have the number of results in that direction if 
some of them are too angularly close to draw different arrows, and/or 
the distance from the edge to the outside result). Clicking the arrow may
zoom the map to show it or displace the map with the same zoom or some 
>   - Shifting and zooming the map as much as is needed to show all the
>     returned markers, and never mind the implications.

I think I'd prefer it no to do this unless I check a box in the search
dialog or press some button in the map or something, or at least I'd like 
to be able to configure it so that it doesn't.

>   - Shifting and zooming up to some configurable limits, so as to show
>     as many markers as those limits allow.

Then you could configure zoom out 0% of current zoom, or X % or infinite
(meaning the smallest amount to show all results). 

> - Alternatively, the results could instead be shown in text form in the
>   search dialog, with a "Go to" button for each one.

Also good, I think it depends on the use case. Sometimes you want to 
read the description first, (ideally being able to delete results
from the search) and sometimes you want to see where they are before
reading any description. 
> In addition it would be nice to have an integration with the POI (Point
> of Interest) function.
> - All search results could automatically become POIs, or alternatively a
>   new temporary kind of POI that only lasts until a different search is
>   done.
> - If the map is on or close enough to a search result, and the user
>   selects to make a POI, the POI name is automatically initialised from
>   the search result description.


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