[Gta04-owner] Making sense of the sensors.

Lionel Broche lionel.broche at gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 18:13:21 CEST 2012

> The compass seems to have a strong bias on all axes. Presumably some
> magnet
> > in the GTA04 (speaker?) needs to be compensated for.  Has anyone played
> > with
> > this at all?  Figured out how to calibrate, then how to convert the 3
> > numbers
> > into  a compass direction?

Hi Neil,

About the callibration, I propose that you write a simple code that samples
the data in all axes while the user is prompted to turn his phone around
one axis.
If you average the minimum and maximum points, you should find zero if the
calibration is good. If not you will find whatever bias there is.
If you repeat this procedure three times, turning each time around a
differnet axis, you should get a decent calibration. (I think)
I don't have a GTA04 yet so I cannot try.

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