[Gta04-owner] GTA04A3 Early Adopter boards in final production test stage

Laurent Alebarde l.alebarde at free.fr
Wed Sep 28 12:55:37 CEST 2011

For me, that's sound *realistic* and *practical* statements. What's
important IMO is :

   1. To have open formats for all the documents & sources so that
      anyone can use open source and free tools and don't face some huge
      licence fees that might be a showstopper in one's project.
   2. The developpers shall be able to use the tools of their choice
      because : 1) they have them, 2) they are trainned for them. In my
      understanding, this what is under Nikolaus' "If we rule out to work
      with any non-free tool, we can't even start". Efficiency is a main
   3. Let's have it work !

My two cents.....

Le 28/09/2011 09:56, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller a écrit :
> My attitude is: don't be fundamentalistic with "freedom" but focus on 
> "free and open software" (and information exchange).
> The goal of the GTA04 is to support free and open software better as
> any other portable hardware you can get. And this is independent from
> using non-free tools during design and production. If we rule out to work
> with any non-free tool, we can't even start.
> So we use non-free tools where it is the best decision to bring
> forward the project. If the project becomes successfull, we can
> think about replacing more and more of those non-free components
> and tools.
> But this is IMHO the second step.
> BR,
> Nikolaus
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